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About the Comic:
A Cutlass and a Butterknife is a webcomic that follows the adventures of Hitoshi, a kidnapped navel officer, and Kin, the Captain of an all female pirate crew. “What do you get when you put together a cowardly naval officer, an all female pirate crew, and a butterknife? A rom- wait, a romance? That’s a joke, right?”

About the Creators:
Julie Lerche – Artist, Writer, Co-Creator – is currently studying Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She enjoys long rides on the subway and lugging heavy art supplies across town.
Rayen Hirsch – Co-Creator, Co-Writer, Moral Support – is in high school Purgatory, wishing that she was in art school. She enjoys telling people how to pronounce her name and cuddling with her two dogs.